Fleet of Angels

Fleet of Angels is an organization that I recently came across by accident and decided to check it out. Turns out it is one of the most genius ideas anyone could have thought of and I give major kudos to the founders. Fleet of Angels is an organization you can become a member of and offer/volunteer your time and use of your truck and horse trailer to transport horses from all over the country to their new homes. Sometimes multiple volunteers will aid in one transportation of a horse depending on distance/time/funds and so forth.  If you are not able to volunteer but are in need of the services of the Fleet of Angels, you can go on their site and request assistance. Even though they are doing this for a good cause, most transportation cases are over 100 miles away and people must realize that providing money to cover fuel costs is more than appreciated. If they are doing this for you, please provide them with the funds they need to bring your precious cargo safely to you. Can anyone else get as excited as I am about this? This organization is made up of both individuals and professional shippers who give horses at risk a way to get to their new forever home since not everyone can afford a truck and/or trailer. Many horses are considered “at risk” if they are going to be given away since the owners cannot afford to take care of them anymore, horses that are going to be sent to slaughter, horses being abused or neglected, even wild horses that are adopted off the range.

Members/volunteers of the Fleet of Angels do not just have to be able to provide transportation for the horses. You can provide help by being on the list of people who can offer drivers and place to sleep while on a long drive and have room for horses to get out and stretch their legs a little from being in a trailer. There are people all over the US and even some in the UK that are helping out either by offering a tired driver a spare room to catch a nap in for a few hours or some roaming room for a horse stuck in a trailer depending on how long the trip is. Some people may never be called but they were nice enough to place the offer out there if it is ever to be needed.

I think this is amazing! Saving a horse and helping out others who aren’t fortunate enough to own a trailer? Thumbs up in my book.

Any equine lover, horse owner or even future prospective owner needs to check out their website. http://www.fleetofangels.org/


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