Promise Acres


Jennifer is the proud and loving owner of Promise Acres, a horse rescue out in Avon Park, FL. I mentioned her in a post back when Tractor Supply was helping local rescues. We met, with no surprise, through a mutual friend and I quickly came to support her cause and the rescue.

Promise Acres is run by Jennifer and her family, purely off of their own skills, talent, knowledge and funds without any government aid and they are dedicated to helping rehabilitate each horse and improve the horses lives for the better, resulting in much deserved happy homes in the future. Many people like the status and appearance of horse ownership, but never fully educate themselves on the cost and care involved. This causes more and more horses to receive substandard or no care resulting in weight loss, damaged hooves, hair loss, parasite infestations, lameness, starvation, abandonment, and sometimes even death. Their goal is to provide the best care possible to neglected, injured, exhausted, or un-needed horses and then in turn place them into knowledgeable and loving homes.

This weekend a group of us took a little road trip and volunteered around the rescue for their Horses for Heroes and Open House event. It turned out great. There was live music, horse and pony rides for the kids, a bounce house, marshmallow roast, tack for sale and tons of other stuff. We had donated a lot of items along with food and drink items for everyone. We took a walk around the entire rescue property and made sure all the horses whether they were rescues or the owners’ horses were loved on for a bit.

It was a nice day and the two hour drive there and back wasn’t so bad. We went past our old holiday home and areas which I haven’t been in years. We saw miles upon miles upon miles of orange groves which makes me wonder why on earth we import our orange juice from California and why on earth Florida orange juice is so dang expensive….but anyway, the day went well, Promise Acres had another successful event, we did some good volunteering and back home we went to take  of our animal kids. Mission accomplished.

Please check Promise Acres out at or on Facebook. You might be able to help give a horse a much needed forever loving home. 🙂


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