Goofy Thoroughbred


This picture will certainly get you smiling on this Friday! 🙂 This is our goof-ball, Spidey who loves to talk to us when he is hungry. He also has this one facial expression that says I’M STARVING or like this photo: Is there something in my teeth?! He does this when we ask him if he is hungry, he will nod his head and make this face, when we ask him if he wants a cookie (a Nicker-maker treat, which by the way smell AMAAAAAZING), or when we ask him to say please this is the face we get. So I guess you can say that he is very polite. Ha ha.

Now when a horse does this frequently it is a sign that they are uncomfortable, sick and colicing from what I’ve been told but this booger loves to do this for fun so for the most part we are not worried. He is truly a horse version of a silly teenage boy running around and thinking he is smaller than he actually is. At 16.2 hands, that is a whole lot of goof-ball to deal with but he listens well and tries to get one over on us sometimes but fails most of the time. He is a great horse and loves to ride. We got a new saddle pad for him and he is was practically showing it off and sporting it around as if to say “look, do ya like my new pad?” “does it make my butt look big?” – which was hilarious to see. He loves to stretch which one day I am determined to get a picture of him doing…he is the barn’s yoga teacher with his version of the downward facing dog. Ha ha!

So there is a little glimpse into the day by day adventure that I have with this big boy!

Stay tuned for more coming soon to a WordPress near you! 🙂


3 Comments on “Goofy Thoroughbred

  1. Hmmmm. I would have to consult with our horse-owning friends of this behavior. Our goats act up in all sorts of ways when it comes to feeding time… mostly fighting over one grain bucket when there are 4 from which to chose. Yes, somewhat like teenagers.

  2. I have a Doberman who makes that same face. It’s ridiculous–like she’s smiling. I just recently learned it’s a sign of submission. I don’t know about that. She seems like she’s always on the edge or acting crazy when she lifts her front lip up. Like, “This is my warning that I’m about to jump on you and then thunder around the room squealing.” Very odd.

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