National Finals Rodeo 2013

2013 NFR World Champions
2013 NFR World Champions

So the NFR has come and gone…dreams came true for some and were lost for others until next time. I watch the NFR to route for a lot of people…but I love watching all the events. Bull riding catches my eye for some reason…and man I love those bulls. I have no idea why, but they appeal to me and of course barrel racing because of the horses. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year just some of the participants I was routing for were:

Luke Branquinho – Steer wrestling

Tuf Cooper – Tie Town Roping

Jessy Davis – bareback riding

Wade Sundell – saddle bronc riding

Trevor Brazile – Team Roping

Elliot Jacoby – Bull riding…along with many others.

Barrel Racing Qualifiers were:


To be honest I love watching all of them run. I think they are all great women with even greater horses, however my favourites are Fallon Taylor, Taylor Jacob, Jane Melby, Brittany Pozzi, Sherry Cervi and Mary Walker. By the end of the NFR I was truly in awe of all of them, every single one. They all did great but in the end there can only be one winner for each event.

Fallon Taylor kept us all entertained with extravagent outfits for Best Dressed which people could vote for every night. Each night has a new theme and Fallon did not fail to impress, surprise and keep up.

Taylor Jacob, who was name 2013 Rookie of the Year, broke the arena record with a 13.37 riding Bo.

So the World Champions standings are as follows:

All Around World Champion: Trevor Brazile

Bareback Riding World Champion: Kaycee Feild

Steer Wrestling World Champion: Hunter Cure

Team Roping World Champions: Clay Tryan & Jade Corkill

Saddle Bronc World Champion: Chad Ferley

Tie Down Roping World Champion: Shane Hanchey

Bull Riding World Champion: J.W Harris

Steer Roping World Champion: Trevor Brazile

Barrel Racing World Champion: Sherry Cervi

Everyone who participated in the NFR this year is someone to follow/keep up with and admire. They all worked their asses off to get to where they are today and meeting any of them would be an honor. I know they are all enjoying a break before getting ready to go right back to work for their 2014 rodeo line-ups. One year we will make it to see the NFR live and in person but for right now the internet and TV will have to suffice. Congratulations to all who qualified for the NFR this year and a special congratulations to our 2013 NFR World Champions.



5 Comments on “National Finals Rodeo 2013

  1. I had a taste of what Rodeos can be like on the ranch holiday, would love to experience the full blown thing. Don’t even get it on UK tv (except bucking broncos on the extreme sports channel, which really isn’t the same, though apparently Sky show some)!

    • I know. Sky sports will show some but nothing everything. It is very hard to watch or keep up with anything on the TV there rodeo wise. Full blown rodeos are amazing. I would love to ride in one…one day! We have a local rodeo that is fun but bigger, more official rodeos are where it is at! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get to experience it all one day!

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