Billie Jean is our barn diva. She is a mare…and acts like one. She is prissy and can be moody but she is gorgeous and she knows it.

The other day I was out feeding in the morning and putzing around the barn while the horses ate their breakfast. I left the wheelbarrow in the usual spot since Sparkles likes to eat hay from “up-high” like everyone else, since she is always done eating her breakfast first. It is a prime position that is just out of reach of Billie Jean and so she batted those big browns eyes at me and I inched the hay a little closer so she could get a couple of bites before I put it out on the main pasture.

She apparently decided that she needed a new look…haylights…


Yes, haylights…the horse version of highlights. She looks stunning doesn’t she? LOL! She does this a lot actually and I find it hilarious. She either gets in the way as I am throwing hay over into her stall or she tosses her head in it. Either way, she seems to enjoy it and a happy horse is more than fine with me.

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