Purina Days 2014

This weekend was filled with celebrations and fun activities. One of my cousin-in-law’s daughter had her high school graduation party which was fun. Some of us sang karaoke and we all had lots of laughs. 🙂

The big event of the weekend was Purina Days.

Final Purina Horse Embroidery

It was held at our local Tractor Supply and there were lots of vendors there including the 4H clubs too. We brought our new mascot TJ. He is a whole lot of personality in a little itty bitty horse.


Isn’t he just so cute?!

So we had our table set up with our cowboy boot cookies, t-shirts and bracelets for sale which were all a huge hit. We were also set up for car washes. Despite the heavy rain and lightening chasing off early we had a ton of fun and did well.


TJ decided that he wanted to go shopping. He heard there were some treats inside…


There were other local celebrities gracing us with their presence at tractor supply such as…

Toby – the tea-cup pig…


Cookie: an Arcadia Saints – St Bernard. He is a show dog and is THEE St Bernard that you see on TV at the all the major televised dog shows.


Cookie and TJ decided to check each other out and say hello. They are both 31-32 inches tall at their withers.


Cookies also brought along with him Jay Jay…



So all in all, it was another successful event for us. 🙂

Have a great Monday everyone! See you soon!


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