PBR Blue Def Velocity Tour 2014

Hey folks! Long time! I’ve been super busy between multiple farms and the horse rescue and church and home and…and…and….yeah, you get the idea. Lol. Who cares? Let’s get to the good stuff.

So my fiance and I hadn’t been out to an event together (alone) in some time so I saw PBR tickets for sale and decided to get some. I love PBR. There is just something about the bulls…can’t quite put my finger on it but I love ’em.


Anyway…so we get there, super excited, getting pumped up etc. I took a walk around and got kind of close to the back pen area. I chatted with some of PBR’s photographers and some other random employees which was nice.

The opening ceremony was AWESOME!

How awesome is that???!!!
How awesome is that???!!!

Our “Rodeo Entertainer”, Mike was HILARIOUS!


Mike signing autographs afterwards.
Mike signing autographs afterwards.

A big thanks to our other rodeo safety crew and Bobby – the lone cowboy on his horse. Major respect for these folks.


I was getting decent pictures on my camera phone (since that is all I would risk bringing in) so I do apologize if some of them are blurry.


The mystery cowboy (#14???) signing autographs afterwards…caught me off guard by tipping his hat and calling me ma’am….LOL! That southern gentleman’s grace….always a good thing. His dog was beautiful too…


Troublesome Two-some
Troublesome Two-some
Loved this rider's handle-bar moustache.
Loved this rider’s handle-bar moustache.



And last but certainly not least, Saturday’s Champion with 87.5 points: Jason Malone.


Despite injuring his hand, he did great and will keep on riding! He still plans on riding internationally in China later this year.

So it was a great night, had a ton of fun and hoping they will come back to Orlando again next year but honestly, with the poor turn out that was there Saturday and PBR having to have the help of Groupon and Living Social to sell tickets, there might be chance they don’t come back, which is a shame. With all the horse and cattle country down here in Florida, we’d love to have more professional rodeos down here. I am super excited about the Ram Circuit Finals Rodeo coming to Central Florida, though – that will be awesome!

You can always check more out at Professional Bull Riders .

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