Horses Lend Us The Wings We Lack

Hey peeps! How’s it going?! I miss you guys! It has been too long….things have not slowed down since the wedding and I don’t see them slowing down much anytime soon.

I have a trip coming up….Yay! I can’t wait to go home to the UK but I will update you on that when I get back.

So…some of you have horses and understand what I am about to write on. Those of you who have a horse…or multiple horses, you more than likely have ridden bareback many many times.

It has been a long time since I rode bareback. Since, not fully owning one of my own yet, my riding has been sporadic and in some months non-existent. Gasp! I know….such a horrible feeling. Anyway, not the point.

I had a photo shoot yesterday as gift to me from some friends who knew I have been dying to do this since my wedding back in April and also knew I fell head over heels in love with my neighbour’s Gypsy Vanner gelding named Raven.

Side note: Fresians and Gypsy Vanners are at the top of my favourite breed list along with a handful of others….and Raven is my dream name for the jet black Pinnacle Fresian that I will some day own.

Anywhoooo….I was a little nervous since Raven has never been around a poofy white wedding dress or had me on his back. I had more of an excited-nervous-ness than anything else. So it was somewhat of a slight challenge getting on him in my dress but I got up there and situated and I will be completely honest it was like sitting on a couch. He was SO comfortable. We fit together like a glove.

So we walked around some getting us used to each other. He was absolutely amazing. He could stop on a dime…never had to ask twice about anything. He was so polite, well-mannered, gentleman-like, and just so laid back.

Now, Gypsy Vanners are the type to test you and push boundaries but he was a dream…our other neighbour decided to shoot of his very loud shot-gun (despite seeing us out there) and since I didn’t know how Raven would react to it going off, I prepared myself to eat dirt. BANG went the shot gun…Raven? Twitched his ears…not a flinch or blink whatsoever. So between that and me moving all over him and riding him all around, I couldn’t have asked for a better more well-behaved, gorgeous looking horse.

With each minute I was on his back, I realized that despite not owning a horse of my own, it didn’t make me any less of a rider, any less of a horse enthusiast….and with each passing second I fell more and more in love with him & appreciated ever second I got to spend on his back. There was no saddle, nothing in between us. Just him and I… I was giggling like a child…beyond content. I kept thanking my neighbour over and over again for allowing me and trusting me on him and entrusting him to me for a brief time. I always see that saying: “Horses Lend Us The Wings We Lack”…or “In Riding A Horse, They Lend Us Freedom”. It is so true. It is true enough when you are on their backs in a saddle but there is something so special about riding bareback. I was getting back to basics, back to my heart, back to a feeling of true, genuine, happiness. My heart and soul felt like they were soaring. It was like something out of a movie with his flowing mane and tail…with his masculine features but soul-searching deep, dark eyes.

I could write forever on the feeling…I cannot wait to see the pictures and I know I can’t wait to get another taste of that feeling again…hopefully sometime sooner than later.

Stay safe folks and enjoy those fur-babies.

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