Florida Cowgirl, Megan Swint, Finds A Win At Home

Megan Swint, from Lithia, Florida came back home to ride hard at the Wrangler’s Champion Challenge and the 137th Silver Spurs Rodeo.

2016 has been a tough but exciting rodeo year for her, but Megan is tougher and has massive volumes of ambition between her and her equine team.

Last year she finished 2015 ranked 23rd in the world and this year she is still in the world rankings. She has a huge fan base and support system in Florida so we have to represent whenever we can. We are hoping she continues to climb in the rankings. Climb that ladder, girl…CLIMB IT!

She ran a great run, coming in 4th place at the PRCA Wranglers Champions Challenge with a 15.96 second ride.


Here was our interview at the 137th Silver Spurs Rodeo.

IC: How does it feel representing Florida in the big leagues?

MS: It’s awesome! I was super happy to get invited back here to ride in the Champions Challenge because this is our home state.

IC: Tell me a little bit about your horse you are riding this weekend?

MS: This is a borrowed horse. My horses are currently in Utah. This awesome mare belongs to Ronda and Riley Butler (IC side note: please forgive any name misspellings and feel free to correct me) and I was fortunate enough to get to ride her last night in the Champions Challenge. She’s not been ridden at many large rodeos so she pulled through and did great.

IC: What would you say to up and coming barrel racers who really want to try and make it big?

MS: Never give up…it’s hard. We’ve been in a down-slope for the last couple of weeks and last night was the first check I have won since Houston but it always has to turn around at some point so I just say keep going.


The finals arrived at the 137th Silver Spurs Rodeo and she had a smokin’ 15.49 second run bringing home another paycheck.


I absolutely love how she dotes on her horses after each run. She is firm in her faith and adamant on praising her horses.

It was a successful weekend since she hadn’t cashed in since Rodeo Houston and we loved having her back in Florida. We wish her all the best as she continues on the rodeo road.

The rodeo road can take a toll and sometimes cowboys and cowgirls have to make a difficult choice to dig in and push on, or head home to the drawing board and come up with new strategies. I have heard time and time again from contestants that it’s an experience like no other being out their on the road going from rodeo to rodeo doing what you love. So we are routing for her whether she stays out on the road a little longer or heads back to Florida. Either way, she has made an impact on people along the way, made a difference in the rodeo world, and really gave it her all. She is an inspiration to cowgirls, not only in Florida but across the nation. I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of the Magnificent Megan Swint.

Thanks for reading y’all.

Stay safe and God bless!

~~International Cowgirl xoxo

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