11 Year Old Blazes Trails at the Silver Spurs Rodeo!

Dallas Phillips, 11, of Cocoa, Florida set the clover leaf pattern ablaze during the Junior Barrel Race at the 137th Silver Spurs Rodeo.

Dallas rounding the second barrel. 

She was not the first to ride in her group of riders, and we had watched many junior and pro riders knock over a barrel or two by this point in the rodeo. When Dallas approached the alley, you could sense something different about her…this ride was going to be different.

She blasted out of the alley, hunting that first barrel…we all anxiously awaiting for either the horse or rider to knock over the barrel…she cleared it fast and smooth! She continued onto the second and as she glided around that second barrel, and checked the clock, we knew this little lady was FLYING!

She rounded the third and started to head home with the entire arena cheering her and her mighty steed on! She crossed the timer, and we all stared at the jumbo tron for what seemed like an eternity waiting for her time to appear….15.44!!! Her 15.44 second ride got a roar of applause from cowboys, cowgirls, and spectators alike from around the arena!

It was incredible to watch! I think if Dallas keeps this pace up, she will continue on to high school rodeo circuits and the big leagues in no time at all!

Good luck, Dallas, in all your future races! You gained another fan at the 137th Silver Spur Rodeo!

Thanks for reading y’all!

Stay safe and God Bless!

~~International Cowgirl xoxo

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