Hauntingly Fun!

Halloween is just around the corner and boy, are we pumped up or what? You probably love to dress up for Halloween, your kids eat that stuff up too, I’m sure and I know we all definitely love to dress our fur-kids up because, well, they just look too darn cute that we can’t get enough. The candy and sweeties are a plus too.

I dress my cats up in little NFL jerseys, every time our team plays and my husband is constantly telling me how much I torture them…BUT THEY LOOK ADORABLE!!! Plus, it is only for 5 minutes or until they find a way to wiggle out of them.

So today on our Hauntingly Fun feature, we are featuring one of our other four-legged kids, that we have a ton of fun dressing up; our horses. The options are endless and we, as equestrians, will take any excuse to include our equine friends in as much as our day-to-day lives and holidays as we can.

Here are some fun and easy costumes that you can bring together quickly for a fun, safe & absolutely adorable but spooky equine Halloween.

1. The Unicorn.

This one is an immediate go to when it comes to horses. Horses and unicorns go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. The other (more difficult) version that goes along with this one is a pegasus. Unicorns have the horn, pegasus’ have the wings. There is a brilliant website that I came across, that sells light up unicorn horns specifically for your horse. Believe in Unicorns is a UK-based company that ships world-wide. All her unicorn horns are custom-made. Some light up, others are all glitter. There are even sets of “demon horns” for that wee devil of a horse in your life!

Photo credit: Believe In Unicorns 

You are probably wondering how they are attached to your horse, well, in the pictures she makes soft and flexible head bands that are suited just for horses. You can inbox her and tell her what you want and she can get it right to you. I absolutely love all of her designs and the owner is very pleasant to do business with.

Here is a unicorn in action that was completely hand-made from a Halloween Costume Contest at one of my local saddle clubs. Isn’t it adorable?!?! I am sure the crafter in your life can help you create your own unicorn horn also.

Photo credit: Pink Fox Photography

2. Body Paint.

This is where things can get super fun if you are artistic and/or creative. Body paint on a horse can produce some awesome costumes from painting skeleton bones to Native American Indian war or ceremonial paint. This was one of my favourites from a Halloween Costume Contest I attended at one of my local saddle clubs.

Photo credit: Pink Fox Photography

And yes, this horse is bridle-less and the rider (Stacy) is riding bareback. Impressive! I was blown away plus who wouldn’t love this giant pearly white smile?

Photo credit: Pink Fox Photography

So when you are looking for a body paint for your horse, make sure you choose one that is safe for them. Their skin can be extremely sensitive. Chick’s Saddlery has a equine safe product called Pony Paint Liquid Chalk. You may have a different go to body paint, that I would love to hear about and how you use it, so comment below! If you have never used body paint before, make sure it is water-soluble (meaning it dissolves in water and comes off easy). Stay clear from latex or oil based paints which are much more difficult to remove or could be toxic and cause severe irritation for your precious horse.


SmartPak Equine also has a similar product called Twinkle Mane & Tail Gel which can be put in your horse’s mane or tail to add temporary colour. This is a washable alternative to the mane and tail clip in coloured extensions from Gypsy Tails frequently used by the lovely Fallon Taylor. Either way, whether you choose the body paint, mane and tail gel or clip on extensions, your horse will be Halloween, or even, prom ready.

Here is another fantastic use of body paint for your horse. This little girl, dressed up in honor of her big brother who is in the US Army – “Uncle Sam Wants You!”


Look at “Uncle Sam’s” beard!!!

Find more body paint examples at the end of this feature.

3. Stickers/Temporary Tattoos.

This is somewhat similar to the last one, except this is probably more for those who don’t feel like painting their horse or don’t have the time. Equidivine LTD is another UK base company that sells custom body stickers for your equine buddy. Also Dover Saddlery in Orlando does a cute set of Tail Tamer® Equine Body Bling which is currently on sale right now in their closeout section of their website. Just peel off the back and strategically place on your horse! Easy!

4. Character Costumes.

Sometimes your horse’s personality just brings a certain character from a movie or book to mind and if your horse doesn’t mind being covered in clothes or fabric of some sort then this can be fun, creative and down right hilarious.

As far as I know, there is no company that makes full character costumes for horses…yet. People come out with new things every day so it is probably just a matter of time. If you are reading this and decide to create such a company or know of such a company already, leave a comment below!

Here are some example of such characters.

An explorer:43

A Wild West Bank Robber:41

A football player and cheerleader:


Tinkerbell, Peter Pan & Captain Hook:

I almost cried over how stinking cute this team was! 

Dukes of Hazzard car:


Other ideas could be Little Bo Peep and her sheep, Eeyore (with or without the Winnie The Pooh friends), Lord of the Rings Nazgul riders, Batman & Robin, Mario & Luigi, Superman and Superwoman or even…wait for it…a Kentucky Derby racehorse! BAM! Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

So, what are you and your equine friends dressing up as for Halloween this year? I would love to know and would love it even more if  you sent me a picture. You can always comment below on the blog or on the Facebook page.

Here is some more inspiration in case you need it. 51

A carousel horse






Eeyore & Piglet




















As always, thank  you for stopping by and checking out our Spooktacular Halloween feature.  We hope you have a fantastic and safe Halloween this year!

Until next time, God Bless!

~~International Cowgirl 





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  1. Thank you for featuring the West Volusia Saddle Club Halloween barrel show! It was fun seeing friends and their steeds dressed for Halloween! Beautiful pictures!

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