Practice The Pause

So this week’s post is a little different from others. I am going to get a little personal with y’all this week. I have been preparing for the first half of 2017 with lots of rodeos during the first half of the year. I have had no rodeos to cover in person recently & even though last night was the first night of the NFR – surprise I didn’t stay up to watch due to the time difference but thanks to friends and a DVR, I watched it this morning. Thank goodness for technology sometimes.

So something came to the fore-front this week and I was ashamed of myself as a person and as an equestrian. Why was I ashamed you ask? I felt that inner tornado of panic, anxiety and stress while I was out at the barn; I woke up late, I was tired, I was going to be late for work, the horses wouldn’t get in their stalls, I tripped over a barn cat, one of the gates wouldn’t close…everything I touched was going wrong and I realized all I did all week-long was rush, rush, rush, rush, rush and rush some more.

NONE, not a single one of the animals did anything wrong…I was the one out of balance with myself. I don’t own any horses of my own but I help look after 4 and I have always told myself that if I have a horse, I would be able to deal with my daily stresses from work. If I had a horse, I would feel complete. If I had a horse, I would hang out with my horse-friends more because I would be back at showing again. If I had a horse…

I used to spend time drinking coffee with the owner of the four incredible equine creatures out by the fence, just watching their tails swish, and listen to them munching on hay or grass, watching Billie Jean be a diva, Spidey be a dork & Sparkles never leaving Rays side. I just spent time appreciating them and simply being with them dreaming my dreams, praying they were happy & enjoyed my company as much I as enjoyed theirs. A simple manifestation of peace.


This week I rushed everything and felt instant regret & guilt as I sped off to work. I rushed them in their stalls, giving them breakfast, throwing them hay. I rushed all the hugs, pats, belly rubs & butt scratches – are we the only ones who have horses who love getting their butts scratched? Non-equestrians might find it weird but whatever…I am not ashamed. Hahahaha!

I ask those who have horses, do you rush? Have you appreciated your horse recently? Have you thanked them for taking care of you as you are on their backs or hanging around the barn? We all have demanding jobs – but who is always loyal? Who is always waiting for us at home? Who never (intentionally) hurts us? Who gives us joy and peace (besides Jesus Christ)? Our horses! Our horses, dogs, cats, donkeys, cows, ferrets, pet raccoons – you name it!

So, tonight when I get back, instead of rushing to feed before it gets dark, I will be practicing the pause. I will pause and be thankful for lights in the barn and even though I have a million other things to do, that aren’t really all that important, I will be spending some time thanking the horses for being so amazing, for not judging me on my crazy Merida-like bed hair, or for the fact that I rushed all week. I know I will be only one feeling the guilt there – they won’t be mad. The only time they get mad is if I don’t feed them before a certain time; 7:15 rolls round – they will all be lined up at the fence giving me that look that says: “Uum…hello! Did you forget about us?”

Love your fur-kids, but thank them once in a while for being there ANY time you need or want them. Not everyone is as lucky as you to own a horse, or as lucky as me to have access to them at a drop of a hat. They are not animals to take lightly, or to be taken for granted. They deserve so much more for all that they do for us.

As always, thank you for stopping by!

Stay safe & God Bless!

~~International Cowgirl

3 Comments on “Practice The Pause

  1. Yes! I always feel guilty and get mad at myself for rushing with them and not fully appreciating. Life sometimes makes us feel like we have to rush at all times, the horses remind me that is not so.

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