Joe Frost cashes in at Silver Spurs Rodeo

If you were anywhere near the Silver Spurs Arena at Osceola Heritage Park, you would know something major was going on. If you were inside the arena, you got to experience one helluva rodeo! 3 days of spectacular riding, roping & entertainment. If you were judging by the crowd, you couldn’t tell the difference between Friday night, Saturday night or Sunday afternoon for the finals; that arena was PACKED for every single performance. The atmosphere was electrifying at the 138th Silver Spurs Rodeo!

Bull riding at the Silver Spurs Rodeo Saturday night. Photo credit: International Cowgirl Blog

My first interview of the night was none other than world-renowned bull rider, Joe Frost. Dressed in double denim & pacing the back buckin’ chutes, he took a couple of minutes to chat with us about his passion,bull riding.

IC: So what are you doing to prepare for tonight?

Joe: Well, right now I am just waiting for it [the rodeo] to start. Here in a little bit I will rosin up my rope, check my equipment & stuff…go put my ridin’ pants on, not a whole lot right now.

IC: Do you have any goals for the rodeo season this year?

Joe: I guess, the same as always, as every year. I want to be the world champion and just go to as many rodeos as I can & try to win as much money as I can at every one of them.

IC: What is your favourite thing about being on the rodeo road?

Joe: I think my favourite thing is getting to go so many places but you can also get burned out, especially when you go to over 100 rodeos a year. The thing I love the most is that every rodeo I go to is the people. The people there wait 365 days for you to come to their rodeo. Even though it might just be another rodeo to us, it’s not to them. It’s a nice refresher.

IC: Has there ever been a bull that is memorable to you?

Joe: Oh yeah! I remember all the bulls that I made good rides on and try to forget the ones I didn’t but a bull called Cross the Wyoming Line out of Summit Pro Rodeo  is probably one of my favourite bulls. He was buckin’ bull of the year in 2014 & had been unridden & I was the first one to ride him last year. That was a pretty memorable bull.

You can see our video footage of the interview on Facebook and we found Joe’s 2016 ride on Cross The Wyoming Line which you can check out here: Joe Frost vs Summit Pro Rodeo’s 952 Cross the Wyoming Line on Vimeo

Joe Frost rosin-ing his rope & preparing for his ride Saturday night. 

Meeting Joe is probably one of the highlights of my blogging career so far & I am extremely thankful for him taking the time to chat with me. Joe carries on the Frost Family legend & everyone in the rodeo industry loved his cousin Lane Frost. I was definitely enamoured by Joe’s character & charisma; I think a lot of people who came across him were. You would never guess that he is only in his mid 20s. When you talk to a bull rider, you think of them being rough around the edges including how they speak, but Joe talked to us as if he had met us before; like he hadn’t a care in the world but business to tend to.

Joe went on to get to second place for the evening with an 86 point ride! That’ll bring home some money! Congratulations to Joe & please join me in wishing him all the best for the rest of the 2017 rodeo season!

Joe Frost & International Cowgirl (Cat) behind the chutes Saturday night. 

As always, thanks for stopping by! Stay safe & God Bless!

~~International Cowgirl 

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