Cowgirl Lessons – A Must Read

Happy New Year Everyone! How was your holidays? Mine were quiet but amazing! Did any of you get a horse or pony or Christmas? Another year passed & I woke up to no horse under the tree but I will forever keep my hopes up.

So I adopted a new Christmas Eve tradition that originated in Iceland. On Christmas Eve, books are exchanged with loved ones and friends so they can cozy up in the evening reading & indulging in hot chocolate or a sweet bite. I exchanged books this year with my immediate family & immediately had a light switch on in my head! I will tell you why in a second.

If you have kids, you might give them new pajamas with a movie to watch on Christmas Eve but if you have a book-worm in your family or a cowgirl eager to wake up to a pony Christmas morning, I have found the jackpot!

So Cowgirl Lessons by Rae Rankin, is a must read for the little cowgirl in your life! I read it and was immediately struck by its charm & ease. To be honest, it is great for cowgirls of all ages but definitely can be read by a cowgirl who is learning to read or just fresh to reading independently. It is a light, cheerful and utterly charming story about the adventures of a cowgirl on her way to a day of lessons. We all know how we felt about our first lessons or time around horses; were you as immediately addicted as I was? I remember shivering with such excitement & Rae Rankin expresses these feelings perfectly in her new book Cowgirl Lessons. 

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It is a perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift or “just because I was thinking of you” gift. Rae Rankin has a talent for wonderful writing that is bright and light-hearted. The illustrations by J-San are brilliantly expressive to go along with the beautiful rhymes written by Rae. It is the perfect length for a bed time story or light morning read on the front porch.

I definitely agree with Cowgirl Diary’s review of the book also – “Cowgirl Lessons”, A New Horse Book For Christmas – Cowgirl Diary and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing new material from Rae Rankin.

Movies are great but books encourage the mind to grow, the brain to function & the imagination to thrive so support a book-worm throughout the year or even get a head start on this years Christmas presents – Cowgirl Lessons is the perfect in many ways! It is all yours for under $10 in paperback (and under $5 in Kindle) via Amazon. After speaking with Rae and reading this book, it is well worth every penny AND it is is available in the UK (where International Cowgirl is from) – so getting access to this book is BEYOND easy. Happy reading!

Photo credit: Rae Rankin Social Media

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Stay safe & God bless!

~~International Cowgirl 

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