Today, March 20th 2018 is the official first day of Spring & also International Day of Happiness. Two pretty cool days if you ask me!

IC Spring

I am currently not celebrating the transition into Spring in any grand way since it is pouring with rain but I am low key celebrating by fawning over all the pictures of foals being born at barns of friends or riders I follow on social media.

I am also celebrating International Day of Happiness by staying positive, watching one of my favourite movies, Hector & the search for Happiness, along with looking at some image I took from the 140th Silver Spurs Rodeo. Check it out!

Miss Rodeo Oregon enjoying a joke.
Miss Rodeo Utah making a tiny fan very happy!
Miss Rodeo Minnesota making fans of all sizes happy!

So how are you celebrating the arrival of Spring? Are you enjoying International Day of Happiness?

Here is a way you can both celebrate Spring and International Day of Happiness & that is by buying you & a loved one or your family tickets to the rodeo!

Want to join us for the RNCFR? Click here: RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo

Want to join us for the 141st Silver Spurs Rodeo? Click here: Buy tickets to the Silver Spurs Rodeo in Kissimmee!

If rodeo isn’t your thing the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix – Ocala, Florida :: HITS is taking place on Sunday March 25th 2018 at 2pm which is a wonderful event which also features world class athletes.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Stay safe & God bless!
~~International Cowgirl 

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