Cavalor – European Feed takes on America!

I am super excited to share this post with you all this week. I am a total nerd, so attending seminars seems to be becoming a hobby of mine. Recently, I attended a seminar for Cavalor which I have heard wonders about in the UK & from other horse friends in Europe but hadn’t heard much about it here in the US. Libby, our US rep, was there to greet everyone at the door & was asking about everyone’s horses & I instantly feel in love with her…sounds weird but whatever. She was not “salesy” at all. She was a horse person & very relate-able. Her husband is a professional polo rider & together they own 26 horses – that may have grown in number depending on if her husband bought a horse while he was away. I know many of us (or maybe our husbands) can relate to a surprise growth in barn attendance at times, am I right ladies?


So to share some cliff notes about Cavalor (which can also be found on their US website ), they have been in business for 30 years in 50 countries. 10 of those years in the US with equine feed & about 12 – 13 years with their supplement line. Everything in their line of products has been researched for at least 7 years before it ever hits the market which I definitely admire. I don’t know about you but I am more apt to purchase from or support a company that does extensive research into creating a quality product rather than just hopping on the bandwagon.


There were 2 things that struck my attention very quickly. One was their lack of fillers/digestibility; the other was their cleanse. I will cover both of these throughout the article but it is truly exciting stuff. I never thought I would get excited about a cleanse but there’s the nerd in me showing again.

Our horses have many organs but the most overlooked organs are the liver and kidneys. They filter EVERYTHING! You spend all this money on feed & supplements & hope to God that the nutrients that your horse needs are absorbed before the time it hits the exit. After reading reviews and testimonies, it looks like Cavalor customers cut back on independent supplements thanks to the higher supplement content that is in the food already versus having to break down the pellets in other feeds in order to then absorb the supplement. I wish I would have video taped her metaphor about blueberries & granulated sugar going through a funnel…but if you can imagine those two things in a funnel, the sugar is going to whoosh down the funnel & be gone in seconds. If you have all blueberries, they are going to breakdown evenly & release all their natural sugar & antioxidants in a much more controlled way. Cavalor is created with puffed grain which is easier on our horses’ tummies & helps with absorbing the other supplements & antioxidants that are in the feed. You HAVE to try some of their products (which I managed to grab some samples of just for you, my wonderful readers).

Puffed grain is not only easy to digest but contains less (to zero) unnecessary fillers which means less inflammation, believe it or not. You know how sometimes there is too much salt in our food and we feel puffy, bloated or even look swollen? Same for our horses! Libby was excellent in explaining that everything starts with the gut so if you have a new horse in your barn, start with a cleanse (which is unbelievably affordable – $35 per horse – 10cc for 25 days & your done) & then work with her to find the right feed for  your equine partner. Every single one of their feeds has a purpose & all but 2 have the puffed grain. Starting on a good foundation makes all the difference in the world & can help you find & solve any issues quickly. You are saving time eliminating this & that – you are starting from scratch & not turning your horses stomach into a chemistry experiment. So if you plan on switching feeds (& this applies to any feed NOT just Cavalor), CLEANSE!

Cavalor’s grains come from Europe & their oats come from Canada. They are mixed & packaged at an incredible plant in Dalton, Georgia. They have seen a significant improvement in allergy affected horses since the grains do not have GMOs or sprayed with pesticides. I, personally, feel that allergies are an industry related problem that is beginning to finally be addressed. I feel Cavalor is at the forefront of helping the equine industry get the problem of “food” related allergies solved!


Fun fact: the best time to feed is within 90 minutes after “work” (after cool down of course) because that is when the horses’ bodies are absorb the most nutrients.

So please check out their products or email Libby at with any questions or concerns. She was amazing at answering everyone’s questions both during & after the seminar.

I may be partial to products from Europe since I am from the UK. Our food is not processed like it is the US which was a culture shock that my body it still adjusting to so knowing how they do things over there & seeing it come to the US & grow in the US is exciting & definitely something I can get behind. Before all the equestrian food police jump on me I still highly recommend researching your feed and supplements before giving them to your horses. What works for Charlotte Dujardin’s horses might not work for Fallon Taylor’s horses. Each horse has a different body, job & lives in a different climate so doing research & cleansing can make all the difference in the world. Libby is available if you need her!

A huge thanks to Horstmeyer’s Farm & Feed for hosting the Cavalor seminar. I am looking forward to seeing Cavalor on the shelves there & seeing Libby again next time she is in town!

Do you currently use Cavalor? Comment below about your experience! I would love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Stay safe & God bless!

~~International Cowgirl

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