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Eeeeekkkkk!!! I am so excited that my article got published on Piaffe Style’s website. Have a read here!

TheraPlate – and not the kind you eat off.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Christa of Piaffe Style for giving me the opportunity for this guest post. I am super excited to share some cool stuff with you all today!

I recently discovered the TheraPlate which I didn’t think anything of other than that it was something rich equestrians at the Grand Prix levels could use and boy, was I wrong. You don’t have to own one to have your horse benefit from it. TheraPlate owners can be anyone from individuals to veterinarian facilities.

Interested in what it is and what it does? Well here is some information to get you started.

*Please note I am not sponsored or endorsed by Theraplate products – I just have a huge interest in them*

What is this thing you call a TheraPlate?

It is a somewhat large but shallow platform which your horse stands on. There are multiple variations that can be used for equines, human, dogs, cats & minis. It vibrates at different strengths to help heals wounds, injuries, or promote circulation. I’ve seen every kind of horse with a job use it. Horses seem big enough to handle anything we “throw” at them, but they need spa days and healing days just as much as us humans do.

Image: Theraplate Website – Andrea Fappani

Introducing horses to the TheraPlate is easy and non-intrusive. Even timid horses seem to relax and enjoy the TheraPlate after a few minutes on the platform. You use it 1-3 times daily for about 10-15 minutes – short & sweet! There is a travel version available & a more permanent version for your barn or stables.

What are the benefits of the TheraPlate?

Benefits from the TheraPlate can be seen in the bones & joints, in a horse’s overall performance, improvement in cardiovascular health & neurological health. I have heard from friends who use them, it has helped when their horse has laminitis or has trouble with their hooves & in older horses with joint health and function when it comes to providing comfort even in retirement. It also seems to get horses by per say until a vet can come out to them if it not a dire emergency.

Many athletic equine teams use them to increase muscle mass, reduce injuries, reduce healing time/have faster healing time and as a tool in warm ups and cool downs. The Theraplate increases circulation, reduces swelling & inflammation and reduces stress.

Image: – TheraPlate Graphic.

Lot of things affect our equine partners’ health. We must make sure we are feeding them correctly, riding them properly, letting them recover from a workout properly. Horses can a human’s escape from the world or even part of the human’s job, but we must remember they are not a tool, they are a partner to taken care of. When we take care of ourselves, go to the gym, eat healthy & have self-care days we work better and care for our families better; the same goes for our horses.

So, whether you have a dressage or barrel horse, a cross country eventer or a trail rider, the TheraPlate is something worth looking into to help improve the health and healing of your horse. You can find a local distributor, vet, owner or event that is near you to give it a try.

Have you tried the TheraPlate before? What do you do to help keep your horse feeling good and in tip-top condition? Comment below your thoughts or reach out to me on the blog itself, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Pinterest.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Stay safe & God Bless!

~~International Cowgirl

Biography: Catriona (Cat) was born & raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. She moved to Central Florida 13 years ago & has always been a lover of horses. She recently became a sponsor for West Volusia Saddle Club & enjoys celebrating & connecting the equestrian & rodeo communities on a global scale. She is blissfully married to the love of her life & law enforcement officer, Jon & they have 3 animal children. 2 cat princesses named Saphy & Mittens & 1 chickens called Xena. She works full time at a local bank & spends her free time photographing local horse shows, blogging (of course), feeding her Mum prosecco (LOL) & hanging out with her hubby.

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