Rodeo Round-Up


Saturday was the 1st Annual PRCA Rodeo which took place at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, FL. A group of us went down for the rodeo and had a blast. Legends from all over the country came to Kissimmee and some of the winners have already qualified for a spot at the NFR (National Finals Rodeo)  in Vegas in December. So needless to say it was a fun time, it seemed like everyone from the UK found each other and we all managed to sit in one section, which seemed rather humorous.

The opening ceremony was good and the announcer and main rodeo clown did a very good job. The opening prayer was very well said, the national anthem was beautifully sung and the girl riding her horse holding the American flag did a great job and seemed to be enjoying herself. At intervals she ran around with the flags of sponsors which is something I had never seen done before which was neat.


We got to be within 50 feet of legends such as Tuf Cooper, Mary Walker and Fallon Taylor. The bareback riding was intense but there was some gorgeous broncs there. Throughout the night two of them just did not want to move out of the shoot. They straight out refused not matter how hard the rider kicked. In the steer wrestling Luke Branquinho took home the win with a 3.9, followed closely by Kissimmee’s own, Juan Alcazar Jr with a 4.4. The tie down roping also went well with Brad Hartt, another Florida native from Sebring, bringing home a 7.4, following Tuf Cooper of course who won. In the Saddle Bronc Riding, one of my favorite horses was Multi-Chem High Life Gal ridden by Cody DeMoss and Rowdy Rascal was one of the two that refused to “co-operate”, shall we say?

In the barrel racing, every single one of the contestants did great. Two legends, who I have come to admire and love to watch ride, is Fallon Taylor  who ran a 16.92 and Mary Walker, who ran a 16.87.

Last but certainly not least, was the bull riding and man, was there some handsome bulls out there. While I was cheering for the riders to stay on for the 8 seconds, I was seriously contemplating moving out west and having a bucking bulls farm/ranch. Ha ha. Bulls such as The Wreckoning, Shoot To Thrill, High Pockets, Cat Can Do, all bulls of the Silver Spurs Rodeo were just a few of some great looking bulls with some high intensity bucks. Their sheer power and thickness just amazes me and I’d love to learn more about them.

Everyone participating in the rodeo did awesome and since this is the first time the PRCA Champions Challenge has come to Florida, I know there are many of us eager to go again next year.



Meet Logan – The Sky Angel Cowboy

Get your box of tissues ready. This video was sent to me from an encouraging friend helping us through a recent loss.

This young boy Logan lives on a rural ranch out in Nebraska. He is wise beyond his years and such an inspiring soul. He went through losing someone special to him and learning the lesson about life and loss. His message is so touching and heart-wrenching. He is such a special young man…I wouldn’t even call him a boy. He was nicknamed The Sky Angel Cowboy and you can tell from just this little two minute video that he truly is an angel.

Tractor Supply helping local rescues.

Tractor Supply is one of my all time favourite stores to go to. What makes me feel even better about spending my money there is that they hold contests and give aways regularly, along with community events that are truly beneficial for everyone involved.

At this moment in time, Tractor Supply is partnered with Pedigree and Nutro Pet Foods during Pet Appreciation Week or PAW. Their current contest is Shelter Stories Photo Contest, where the rescue can submit a photo of any one of their rescued animals with a little blurb about the animal and situation. Voters will be trying to help their favourite and/or local animal shelter or rescue organization win a $5,000 grant. Yes, five THOUSAND dollars.

For local shelters or any rescue/non-profit organization, that is a major amount of money that could really boost every aspect and needs of the organization.

Jennifer, an acquaintance of mine and a friend of Donna’s, has her rescue out in Avon Park. This is her story about one of the horses she rescued; Novia.

Please vote for this entry in Help Your Local Animal Shelter or Rescue Win a $5,000 Grant!! Our friend Jennifer and her rescue out in Avon Park - she makes such a difference :-) please vote for her.

“Novia came into our rescue with numerous severe medical issues. She suffered from Pythium, Neurological Symptoms which eventually took her life, and issues related to malnourishment and insufficient care. Novia left quite the impression on us, our volunteers, and our team of veterinarians. While her eyes were sorrowful, her will was strong and intact until her final breath. Whether healing a horse or letting them go in peace, it is our mission to bring about the very best possible outcome for the horses who enter our gates and to do so with the utmost compassion and care. Winning this grant would help enable us to not only continue our efforts but to be able to offer it to even more horses in need. Thank you for your vote and support.”

You can vote at the following link:

There were many rescues who touched me with their stories of animals they had saved and either lived or passed. You can vote for more than one but only once per organization every 24 hours.

I organize charity and fundraising events both here in the US and back home in the UK and I love every minute of it. Seeing Tractor Supply and its partners hold this contest brings awareness to more organizations that I, and I know many others, would love to help. I have a team of people who I am so thankful for, who are always there, ready to help and have the same burning fire inside to help animals in need and great, reputable organizations. You cannot go wrong when you are helping someone, especially an animal who doesn’t not have a voice to ask for the help and love that it needs.

Go vote and help a rescue to save more of our four-legged, furry friends!