Therapeutic Effects of Horseback Riding For Adults

Guest post by the brilliant Mike Shortridge. Enjoy! Horses have long been used to provide therapy for both adults and children for a number of reasons as well as just for pleasure or for competing. Studies have proven the benefits of interaction between humans and horses over the years. Horseback riding therapy holds specific benefits… Continue reading Therapeutic Effects of Horseback Riding For Adults


International Cowgirl & Alta Mira Horsemanship!

I did a thing y'all!!! We started off the year with a fantastic guest post from Lindsey at Alta Mira Horsemanship which was a hit! Over the weekend my guest post for Alta Mira Horsemanship went live & I am a proud blog mama! Lol! So head on over to Lindsey's blog website & social media platforms Alta Mira Horsemanship… Continue reading International Cowgirl & Alta Mira Horsemanship!