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Cavalor – European Feed takes on America!

I am super excited to share this post with you all this week. I am a total nerd, so attending seminars seems to be becoming a hobby of mine. Recently, I attended a seminar for Cavalor which I have heard wonders about in the UK &… Continue Reading “Cavalor – European Feed takes on America!”

Equine Dental Care – The what, why, how of it all.

This week’s topic has been on teeth. That’s right, chompers, nashers, teefy-pegs, teeth! Specifically, equine dental care and the ins and outs of it all. This week I got to catch up with local equine dental technician, Sara. She takes care of our four-legged… Continue Reading “Equine Dental Care – The what, why, how of it all.”

Live Oak International Slam Dunks!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to cover Live Oak International. From Wednesday to Sunday they had major events in combined driving and international show jumping. Teams & riders from all over the US and world came to Ocala to bask in the… Continue Reading “Live Oak International Slam Dunks!”


Billie Jean is our barn diva. She is a mare…and acts like one. She is prissy and can be moody but she is gorgeous and she knows it. The other day I was out feeding in the morning and putzing around the barn while… Continue Reading “Haylights”

Goofy Thoroughbred

This picture will certainly get you smiling on this Friday! 🙂 This is our goof-ball, Spidey who loves to talk to us when he is hungry. He also has this one facial expression that says I’M STARVING or like this photo: Is there something… Continue Reading “Goofy Thoroughbred”

Knock Knock – May I Come In?

Meet Belle – a beautiful Andalusian horse. Her owner Jennifer and I became friends when we met at the PRCA Champion’s Challenge Rodeo back at the beginning of October through a mutual friend and we have the same sort of quirky and sweet personality… Continue Reading “Knock Knock – May I Come In?”