About Cat

IMG_7945International Cowgirl came about trying to define part of my life and mesh 2 parts that rarely see each other in normal day to day life but in mine; they do. I am from Edinburgh, Scotland which is in the United Kingdom/Great Britain. I live an International life between Central Florida and the UK but being an avid equestrian & growing up riding English/Classic, I couldn’t NOT be around horses or animals in general when I moved to the US with my mother. This then lead to me being welcomed by friends I met at school into the local Western riding and horse community which was and still is a blast! So now I cover rodeos and horse shows, cowgirls, cowboys & the Western and English riding lifestyle on the blog along with rodeos and shows across the UK, Europe, New Zealand & Australia. I like to shed light on local and national topics/issues that occur in the equine/rodeo community, trying to bridge the gap on the feud between Western & English differences and also love to promote and celebrate those in my community who are making a difference and working their butts off to make their dreams come true.