Knock Knock – May I Come In?

Meet Belle – a beautiful Andalusian horse. Her owner Jennifer and I became friends when we met at the PRCA Champion’s Challenge Rodeo back at the beginning of October through a mutual friend and we have the same sort of quirky and sweet personality so we hit it off right away. She was telling me stories about her horse, as we all do and of course I am enthralled by everyone’s stories being the horse lover that I am. Well this one really stuck to me: her horse Belle likes to come inside the house. She figures out how to open doors (unless they are bolt locked) and just comes on inside.


I love how each horse has its own personality. Take ours for example. Ray is the Alpha horse, he is protective of his herd and is strong, manly and very patient. Spidey is the goof ball, the teenage boy, silly and thinks he can get away with anything. Billie Jean is the diva, sassy and pushy but knows that if she bats her eyes at us that she can almost get anything and last but not least Sparkles. The mini who is stuck to your side and helps us clean up the barn, but can also be the biggest butthead you ever meet.

Now 99% of the people we chat to about Belle or  who knows about Belle’s house fetish, will laugh and comment on how funny it is or something along those lines but with my luck, I always seem to run into that one person who has something crappy to say. Well they went on to say how he would have shot her if he had found his horse inside, and that it is an outdoor animal, it has no business inside. Duh! We know that! But it is funny that Belle just wants to be with Jen. It is cool to see how smart Belle is that she can open the doors and a lot of us have or know of horses that open stall doors all the time, but actual round door handles is another story. It is something unique, something you don’t see everyday. But it’s like a quote I once saw: “You can be the best, most perfect peach in the world, there will still be someone who doesn’t like peaches.” Either way, Belle is one peach for the memory book.

Screenshot_2013-10-30-09-43-03-1Belle asks if there is a blanket to match these yummy pillows. 🙂

6 Comments on “Knock Knock – May I Come In?

  1. Here around we have a special feeling for horses… even if now I have to be very patient with myself ’cause I can’t ride as I did year ago! My both kids spend a lot of time making music or on a saddle… and both are wonderful for their spiritual and physical growth! I’ll love to visit your virtual home… By the way, I’m not at all shocked to read the particularities of Belle. But it’s a story a bit long to describe, know that I’m a Buddhist and therefore I believe in reincarnation… One day I’ll tell you why I think that the behavior of Belle (and many other animals) is linked to this.
    When I used to stay in Wyoming I had the opportunity to see some rodeos: I was fascinated!
    Serenity :-)claudine

    • Thank you and my fiance is buddhist so I kind of know where you are coming from. Thank you so much for commenting. I enjoy your blog also and I hope that we can chat at length one day. Sincerely, Cat 🙂

      • She was a mess when we rescued her and as a family we learned so much about horses and what makes them tick and we learned a lot about are selves as well, it was so hard for us to let her go and re home her, but worth it and we have two great horsey projects to keep us busy

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